If the extreme heat of the last couple weeks has you thinking about abandoning your garage as a place of refuge, it’s time to look again at how to keep your garage cool, including some easy tips that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Whether your garage is used mostly for storing vehicles, bicycles, and gardening tools or is a frequent gathering place for summer parties, summer temperatures will make it hot, uncomfortable, and unusable. If your garage serves as an extension of your living space, keeping it cool in the summer is critical.

Low-cost and no-cost tips to keep garages cool in Youngstown, OH

  • Keep your garage door open on warm days, and if your garage has windows, open them to maintain a cross breeze. Even on a hot day, moving air will feel cooler.
  • Let your car cool off outside before parking it in your garage.
  • Set up a box or oscillating fan near an open window to draw in additional cooler air.
  • Place a dehumidifier in your garage to reduce the moisture level before you plan to use it. Be sure to keep the doors and windows closed while the dehumidifier is running.
  • Consider installing a ceiling fan in your garage if the ceilings are high enough and there is enough space to avoid the garage door tracks.

Garage upgrades that may be worth the investment in Boardman, OH

The standard garage can easily be 15 degrees warmer than outdoors, making comfort an issue even on a mild summer day. If your garage is your man cave, exercise room, or home office space, it is worth making an investment in temperature control.

  • Roof ventilation – Simple roof ventilation systems can make a big difference in your garage temperature by keeping the attic space above it cooler.
  • Air conditioning – Attached garages often can be connected to your HVAC system to provide cooling, or consider a portable air conditioning unit to maintain more comfortable temperatures. Be sure to check your insulation before making this investment.
  • Insulation – Blanket or blown-in insulation will help with temperature control even if you do not add air conditioning to your garage space. Remember, your garage door plays a big role here.

Is your garage door insulated?

Modern garage doors are better insulated than their older counterparts. If you have an older model garage door, replacing it with a modern door that is built to provide temperature control could be the best investment you make in your garage.

Contact the experts at Great Garage Doors for more information about how today’s garage doors can make your garage a more usable space. Our team is available for inspections to ensure your existing garage door is at its best this summer. Call today!