A power outage can cause numerous inconveniences in your home, but if you can’t get your garage door open, you could have a major problem. Electric garage door openers are used in most homes today, so it’s important to consider how you will get into or out of your garage (and your home if your garage is attached) before you are faced with an emergency.

The following are some tips to review and rehearse with your family so you will know what to do quickly if a storm or accident suddenly knocks out your power.

Use the quick release

Every garage door opener has a release or bypass handle that allows you to disengage the door from the opening system and open it manually. Take a flashlight to the garage, unplug the opener from the wall, and look for a red rope hanging from the opener motor. When you pull this red release cord, it will disconnect your garage door from the opening mechanism and you will be able to open the door manually.

Take care lifting and lowering your garage door by grasping the lifting handle attached to the lowest panel of the door.

To re-engage the door once the power is back on, close the garage door and either pull the red rope up toward the motor or use a broom handle to push the lever back into place until you hear a click. Open and close the garage door fully using the opener system to ensure the trolley locks into place.

Locked out of your garage?

A power outage when you are away from home can be the worst-case scenario for a homeowner. Many families have gotten out of the habit of carrying a house key because they enter their homes through an unlocked door inside their attached garages. A power outage locks you out of your garage and your home, unless you have taken precautions to deal with such a situation.

At Great Garage Doors, we suggest you:

  • Carry a house key and be sure each family member has one as well. You never know when your garage door opener could malfunction or a spring could break and you will not be able to open the door.
  • Install an outside quick release, which is a key-activated release cable that will disengage the door from the motor so you can open the door manually. This also is a great solution if you have a detached garage that does not have a man door for alternative access.
  • Install a battery backup, which will provide power for 20 or more cycles before needing a recharge in the event of a power outage. Today’s modern garage doors often come with backup battery power or are designed to add battery backup without retrofitting. Even older garage doors can be fitted with battery backup if they are direct current operated.

Garage door emergency in Youngstown OH

Great Garage Doors wants to help you avoid a garage door emergency during a power outage. If you are concerned about getting into or out of your garage if the power goes out, contact our team today for a full inspection of your door and opening system. Ask us about upgrading to battery backup for your garage door opener.