Halloween is a favorite holiday for many who love to scare or be scared, or simply be creative. If you are one who loves to deck out your house and yard for a big weekend of spooky music and trick-or-treating, consider getting your garage door in on the action.

Transforming your garage door into a Halloween-themed art piece is easier than you think. For those who aren’t artistic or who need something quick and easy, stick-on images and murals are the latest trends for some amazingly realistic looks. You can look for them in craft stores or on-line.

Looking for some inspiration? Ideas abound, and many of the supplies you will need are right in your home. For most of these fun designs, a basic spotlight is all you will need to draw attention to your Halloween décor.


  • Make a scary scene by carving tombstones, cats, bats, and witches from Styrofoam and anchoring them to your garage door. Paint the Styrofoam black for a silhouette or use realistic nighttime colors and hang a light-colored tarp against the door as a backdrop.
  • Turn your garage door into face: a smiling pumpkin, scary skeleton, Frankenstein, a vampire or a mummy. You choose the detail and the materials, from feeling to cardboard to vinyl sheeting to an old white bedsheet, each piece can be cut out to create your creature.
  • Transform your garage door into a yawning chasm by painting a tarp with monster or vampire teeth.
  • Giant spiders on sprawling webs are a common sight on shrubbery during the Halloween season. Create a web on your garage door with crepe paper or string, or use the classic cottony webbing and stretch it across your garage door.
  • Create the inside of a mausoleum or a morgue on your garage door by painting a tarp to look like a wall of tombstones or a series of morgue drawers. Add some creepy names!
  • If you have windows on your garage doors, hang painted murals behind them to create the illusion of a scary scene inside. Or keep it simple by sticking hands on the windows as if someone is trying to get out.