Winters in Northeast Ohio are cold and damp, which can undermine the operation of your garage door. Poorly lubricated gears can freeze, seals can crack, doors have even been known to freeze to the ground. Our advice is be prepared for the unexpected.

If you haven’t had your garage door and door opening system inspected, take a few minutes to look it over. If debris has collected in the tracks, clean it out and use a silicone-based lubricant along the tracks and gears to keep them running smoothly. Do not rely on WD-40. While it is a useful household lubricant, it will not withstand cold winter temperatures.

If weather stripping has corroded or is missing, replace it or contact a professional for help. Pay special attention to the weather stripping along the bottom of the door, as it is vulnerable to freezing water and snow melt. This is an easy DIY project, but one that should be addressed quickly.

Unfortunately, lubricated gears can’t help when your garage door is frozen to the ground—a situation many Northeast Ohioans have faced. Be aware of the weather conditions in your area and do not use your garage door opener if you believe the door could be frozen. Check for ice around the bottom of the door first to prevent burning out the motor or causing damage to the door.

If your garage door is frozen to the ground, disengage the garage door opener and try opening the door manually. Break up the ice by using a scraper or by gently hammering a piece of wood placed along the edge of the door. You may also try melting the ice with a hairdryer.

At Great Garage Doors, we recommend regularly clearing show from the garage door area to prevent compaction or melting and refreezing. Routine checks and opening your garage door at least once a day can also help prevent snow and ice buildup.

An annual maintenance check is your best means of keeping your garage and door opening system in good running order all year. Our check-up includes:

  • Lubricating moving parts with a silicone-based lubricant
  • Inspecting rollers, springs and tracks for debris and damage
  • Cleaning and alignment of the photo-eye sensors
  • Inspection of weather stripping at the base and all door sections

Call our team today if you are concerned about the operation of your garage door or door opening system.