For both residential and commercial garage doors, regular maintenance is the best way to avoid breakdowns and emergencies. Following a cold winter of freezing and thawing, a check-up with your garage door professional in Youngstown, Ohio, is a great way to catch those potential problems that can result from extreme cold, dampness, and ice buildup.

Garage door and opening system parts are metal, which can crack and bend when temperatures drop in the winter. Damp and cold can cause weather-stripping to deteriorate and crack, especially where your door meets the ground. Consider the following:

  • Residential garage doors are heavily used, and in most cases, are the primary entrance to homes today. Insulation, security, safety, and reliability are crucial as family members come and go.
  • Commercial garage doors are the lifeline of the business to which they are attached. Where emergency services are provided, especially community fire departments, efficiency and reliability are critical.
  • Banging and scraping during operation could be a sign that the tracks are bent or that the rollers are frozen or impeded by debris.
  • A fracture in a spring could lead to the spring becoming a dangerous projectile the next time you open your garage door.

A professional inspection will identify fractures, bending, and deterioration that may have occurred, as well as ensuring your door’s efficient operation.

Garage door maintenance in Northeast Ohio

At Great Garage Doors, our professional inspection includes the following services.

  • We inspect rollers, cables, and springs for chips and fractures.
  • We check tracks and hinges for bending and loose parts and tighten or replace as needed.
  • We lubricate all moving parts.
  • We test door balance and all safety features of your door system.

Call Great Garage doors today for an inspection, maintenance and repairs for your garage door in Youngstown and the surrounding area. We service all brands of residential garage doors and door opening systems, as well as all commercial garage doors, including roll-up doors, rolling steel doors, commercial sectionals, and fire doors.