The latest must-have for today’s homeowners is a smart garage door, and it isn’t difficult to understand why. Whether you and family members are constantly coming and going, or you are spending more time at home these days, a smart garage door fits your lifestyle by providing convenience, security and peace of mind.

Read on to learn just a few reasons why you need a smart garage door for your home.

  • Your garage door is connected to Wi-Fi so you can control it from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or tablet. You can let in guests to your home, a child returning from school or work, or a delivery being made while you are away.
  • It provides maximum security by alerting you if your garage door is opened without your permission or if the door is accidentally left open by a family member. It also alerts you if carbon monoxide is detected at dangerous levels.
  • It provides protection for family members and valuables by turning on lights and allowing delivery of packages inside your garage.
  • You can use scheduling to preset your garage door to open and close at a certain time each day, such as when children are returning from school.
  • Your smart garage door can use your GPS to determine when you are approaching your home and automatically open for you.
  • Your current garage door opening system can be retrofitted to operate as a smart garage door.
  • Your smart system can include parking aid lasers for easy and safe parking inside your garage.
  • Pair your smart system with an integrated camera and microphone so you can see and communicate with those needing access to your garage, such as delivery or repair people.

For convenience and security as well as home value, a smart garage door system is a quick and simple upgrade you can’t do without. If you are considering an upgrade for your home or would like more information about how you can retrofit your current door opening system to accommodate a smart system, contact the experts at Great Garage Doors today.