The question of garage door replacement or repair is one every homeowner will face. The answer isn’t always easy. A new garage door may be more than you want to invest. An old garage door that is peeling or rusted, however, detracts from your home’s appearance. A damaged garage door may not be secure.

Before deciding whether to repair or refurbish an old garage door, consider the following.

  • A garage door that is more than 10 years old is probably not worth the repair or refurbishment cost.
  • Replacing one damaged panel is worthwhile, but if a door has multiple damaged panels replacing the whole door is more cost-effective and safer for security reasons.
  • Wood doors that are showing weakness or rot, especially where the pull cables connect, should be replaced.

A new garage door has advantages

Today’s garage doors are better made and better insulated, both key factors if your garage is connected to your home. Your utility bills will be lower if your attached garage maintains a more steady temperature, a difficult feat for an old drafty garage door. A strong and secure garage door is crucial when access to the garage also provides access to the house.
Modern garage doors also provide many advanced options that busy homeowners seek, including remote monitoring and keyless entry. While retrofitting is possible with some older doors and door opening systems, it may be more cost-effective overall to replace older doors and systems that are likely going to need repairs.

Why repair or refurbish?

Your older door may be in good condition other than needing fresh paint. Maybe you need to get a few more years out of the old one or the door simply needs a new set of springs.

Does your older home have a wood garage door? Wood doors can be pricey and if yours is structurally sound it may be worth scraping that peeling paint and repainting it.

If you decide to repair or refurbish your old garage door, keep the following in mind:

  • Both metal and wood garage doors can be painted, but they should be structurally sound and free of rust and dirt before applying primer and exterior paint.
  • Take the time to replace all old weatherstripping to be sure your old door is providing the best seal possible.
  • Springs should be replaced at least every 10 years and more often if the door is heavily used. Hire a professional for this job, as serious injury can result if they are mishandled.
  • Annual inspections are a must for an older garage door. Your technician will check springs, hinges, pulleys, and rollers and lubricate all moving parts with a silicone-based lubricant.

Your garage door is probably the most-used door in your home if it is attached. It also has a significant impact on the appearance of your home, so replacing it or refurbishing it is a worthwhile investment of time and money.

For more information about replacing or repairing your garage door, contact the experts at Great Garage Doors. We repair any brand of garage door and provide estimates for repairs and installations.