If you are looking for additional space in your home to accommodate family members who are learning and/or working from home, look no further than your garage. You may think it is filled to the brim with tools, gardening equipment, camping gear…not to mention your car. But a bit of organizing and some minor renovation will reveal an ideal arrangement for remote learning for students and a home office for you.

Most homeowners take little time to organize garage storage. Items get tossed in a box or on a shelf with little thought to how space is used, leading to some seriously underused space. Meanwhile, in the current climate of remote learning and work, many are finding that the dining room table or a corner of the basement rec room do not provide the kind of environment needed for efficient work or focused study.

Make your garage your dedicated space

Renovating your garage to allow for workspace is easier than you think, and you don’t have to give up on parking your car in it. Your dedicated space does not have to be large – just functional and comfortable. A step by step approach is best.

  • Group items stored in your garage by use and season and get rid of items you no longer need. Where and how you store items will be dictated by what gets used most.
  • Create a storage system that works for you – shelving, bins, or wall-hanging systems that maximize wall space all the way to the ceiling. Store lesser-used items in the higher, more out-of-reach places, freeing up the floor space you need for your new office or classroom.
  • Clean and inspect your garage for dirt, dampness, and pests, make needed repairs, then finish walls with basic drywall.
  • If your garage floor is in good condition, a comfy area rug may be all you need to warm-up space. If the floor is cracked or stained, consider finishing it with an easy to clean coating.
  • Dedicate a cabinet and shelf to the office or school supplies that will be needed in your new space and furnish your space with a table and comfortable chair.
  • Inspect the garage door and windows for seals, clasps, or gears that need to be replaced or serviced. Then add heating or air conditioning (free-standing units will work) to keep your space comfortable.

You can keep it simple or add more advanced features but be sure you have the electrical and WIFI connections you need for laptops, tablets, video conferencing and zoom calls. Your working/learning space should be suitable for your needs.

If your family is seeking additional space to accommodate today’s unprecedented work and school demands, contact Great Garage Doors and start with an inspection of your garage door and opening system. Your garage could be the perfect answer for your family, but a reliable and safe garage door and opener are a must. Call us today!