“We figured out a long time ago we can’t sell all the garage door openers in the Youngstown area. We just want to sell a good percentage of them. We stay in about a 40-mile radius. Because of our service orientation and our stress on fast, quality service, we don’t go too far out.

“We have a lot of people call us from farther away. We could install the doors, but one or two years later and they need a really small repair, it would be really difficult to get back because we’re so busy in this area. Time is money when you’re on a service truck, and we’re able to get in more service calls.”

“You would think that you sent people a $50 gift certificate the way some of them act — it’s a little $3 or $6 coupon that people really appreciate,” her husband observes. Most companies, after selling a product, don’t follow up with the customer, he says, “but the sharp companies, they do. We’ve paid a lot of money to get that phone to ring, for them to call us. We want to make sure we keep them for the next 20 years.”