Don’t wait until winter to get your garage and door opening system ready for cooler weather routines and freezing temperatures. If you are like most families, your garage serves a wide variety of purposes throughout the year. Odds are it has been a catch-all for summer tools and toys for the last few months, so take a minute to make a list and call Great Garage Doors to help.

Time to reorganize

Your lawn mower, landscaping tools, bicycles, yard toys, and other items you needed quick access to throughout the warm weather can be stowed for the season. If you don’t have a shed to move some of these items to, reorganizing your space for more efficiency will free up the space you need to store your vehicles out of the winter weather.

Have boxes and bins found their way into your garage? This is a great time to add some shelving and wall hooks to get boxes and tools off the floor and out of the way. Once these items are put away you will be able to assess the condition of your garage and door.

Inspect your garage

Fall is the perfect time to walk the perimeter of your garage and look for cracks, gaps, and missing weatherstripping that could let in cold air and unwanted critters. Protect the floor by filling cracks and applying a sealant that will protect it from dirt and salt brought in on your car. For attached garages it’s especially important to check window seals and the door sweep and replace if you find gaps.

Open and close your garage door and listen for unusual noises, check weatherstripping, and observe that your door fully touches the ground. Be sure to clean dirt out of the tracks and check that the auto reverse is working.

Schedule your garage door checkup

Even if your garage door has been working perfectly through the summer, cold weather can impact operation, from thickening lubricant to broken springs. Your fall inspection by a professional garage door technician is your best way to avoid an unexpected break down or worse. A malfunctioning garage door can leave you out in the cold. A broken spring can cause serious damage to your car and other items in your garage.

At Great Garage Doors, we provide a full inspection of your door and opening system, including:

  • Inspection of rollers, cables, springs, hinges, and tracks
  • Lubrication of all moving parts
  • Confirmation of proper door balance
  • Inspection of all safety features

Call our team today for a garage door checkup and we’ll handle any repairs you need so you can avoid a costly emergency later.