After a harsh winter of ice, snow and subzero temperatures, your garage door probably needs an inspection. Winter weather can damage the parts on your garage door as metal contracts and lubricant hardens due to freezing and thawing. Debris carried in on wet tires can find its way on to tracks and rollers. Seals crack or are damaged due to ice.

Take time to check the following parts on your garage door and you may be able to avoid a garage door emergency this spring and summer.

  • Check the springs for signs of cracking. Springs are among the most common parts to fail because freezing temperatures can cause metal to contract and weaken. Test yours by manually lifting the door and ensuring the springs will hold the weight. Also check that the safety cables inside the springs are intact.
  • Check the tracks and rollers for cracks or bending as well as debris buildup. Cold temps can cause the tracks to contract and bend, knocking the door out of alignment or causing it to stick. Debris caught in the tracks can knock the rollers out of the track. Ensure the tracks are clear and the rollers move freely, and contact your Great Garage Door technician if the tracks are broken or bent.
  • Check your door for water damage, cracking and rot. Wood garage doors are especially vulnerable to water damage, as the wood can swell from water seepage and damage parts due to rubbing and friction. Trapped moisture will also rot the wood. Consult Great Garage Doors if you believe your door may need to be replaced.
  • Check the seals on the bottom, sides, and between the sections of your garage door for damage, especially if your door became frozen shut at any point during the winter months. Cold temperatures can cause seals to harden and crack, rendering them ineffective at keeping moisture out of your garage. The sweep at the bottom of the door is vulnerable to damage if you have attempted to break an ice dam that caused the door to freeze shut. Ensure that seals are sound and firmly attached by inspecting them and by checking that no light is visible at the bottom and sides of the door when it is closed.

If you need a garage door inspection in Youngstown or the surrounding area, contact Great Garage Doors before winter damage leads to a garage door emergency. We repair any brand of garage door.