Your garage door is the predominate entry into your garage, and that doesn’t mean only for you and your car. Critters of all sorts will also seek the easiest way in, so if your door is not secure or has gaps a the bottom or sides, you could find everything from spiders and cockroaches to mice and racoons making their homes in your garage.

Taking a few minutes to check the condition of your garage door is time well spent, especially as we move into cooler months. Pests will seek out protected spaces and places to hide to escape cold temperatures, rain, or snow. Make it tougher for them by making sure your door fits snuggly to the floor with no gaps and that all weatherstripping is in good condition.

Run your garage door opener and watch and listen as your door opens and closes. If your door system seems sluggish or makes more noise than seems normal, your door may need servicing.

At Great Garage Doors, we provide thorough inspections and servicing for all types of garage doors and door opening systems, including testing and lubricating all moving parts. We’ll also alert you to parts that need replacing before they break down and become an emergency.

Add another layer of prevention by backing up your secure garage door with a little fall cleaning. Pests are attracted to clutter and food, so check for the following potential issues in your garage:

  • Shelves that are cluttered, creating places where insects or critters can hide
  • Cracks or worn weatherstripping in walls and around windows and doors
  • Open crawl spaces or attic access
  • Bags or boxes of pet food or bird seed, even if they are unopened
  • Paper, cardboard or old blankets or towels that make attractive nesting material

For additional tips on keeping your garage secure or for expert garage door services, contact Great Garage Doors today.