Homeowners, whether they are selling their homes or sticking around, agree that a modern garage door opener is worth the investment and a great boost to the value of their home. That’s because in today’s busy world, convenience and security are key features that advanced garage door openers offer, even for detached garages.

Newer garage door openers operate more quietly, more efficiently, and offer smart features that are in great demand among today’s homeowners. Meanwhile, older garage door openers can mean expensive repairs, noisy operation, and safety concerns. This can be a headache for the average homeowner and a big deterrent for a potential buyer.

At Great Garage Doors, we encourage you to consider a modern garage door opener for your Youngstown, Ohio, home for your comfort and especially if you are considering resale value. Benefits include:

  • New garage door openers can easily be programmed to operate using universal remotes, mini keychain remotes, access buttons in your vehicle, or through an app on your phone or tablet.
  • Smart technology can provide maximum security connected with your garage door opener, including turning on lights inside and outside your home, operating cameras, and remotely locking or unlocking doors.
  • Convenient options include the ability for you to allow access to your garage from anywhere by using your app.
  • Upgrading older garage door and door opening systems is easy and worthwhile. Work with a Great Garage Doors expert to determine the opening system that will best work with your existing garage door.

At Great Garage Doors, we handle all the details for installation of your new garage door opener in Youngstown, Ohio. Ask our technicians about options for quiet-running systems with all the safety features your family needs, including torsion springs and photo eye sensors. Call today for a free estimate.